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Key People

Committed to the work of Connecting Lives (Cornwall)


Leonie Morris


Leonie Morris is the Founder of the charity and worked for 15 year as a Qualified Social Worker across both adult and children and families services. More recently Leonie has worked as a Chief Operating Officer for a healthcare charity based predominantly in the Midlands.  Leonie has a passion for making a difference in her local community and for working in partnership with other agencies to produce real and long-lasting outcomes for vulnerable adults.  Leonie has spent a number of years working in other parts of the country and has recently returned to her Westcountry roots.


Simon Baldwin

Chair of the Trustees Board

Prior to retiring, Simon worked for over forty years across the NHS and Local Authority as both a qualified social worker initially and then as both a manager and senior manager. Simon held the position of Chief Inspector of Social Services for Somerset in his career. Simon has acted as a chairperson on many occasions and across different forums. He was integral to developing safeguarding procedures for vulnerable adults in Somerset in a previous post. Simon is keen to support the charity in maintaining its focus and achieving its core aims.

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Jacqui Morris

Lead Home Assessor

Jacqui has had a long, varied and rewarding career as a Registered Nurse spanning some 40 years with her last post being a Lymphoedema specialist Nurse in Nottingham. Jacqui has decided not to revalidate her nursing registration this year but has been looking for an opportunity to use her transferrable skills and make a difference to peoples lives. She has witnessed at first hand the impact of social isolation on adults physical and psychological health and welcomed the opportunity to help Leonie establish and ultimately work for Connecting Lives Cornwall.


Dr Andrew Tillyard

Special Adviser to the Board of Trustees

Andrew is a qualified medical Consultant who has worked extensively within the NHS as a specialist within intensive care services. Andrew himself suffered a life changing event several years ago when a cycling accident left him with a severe brain injury. Andrew knows first hand how such an experience can impact upon social isolation and loneliness. Andrew is keen to share both his personal and professional experience to develop the work of the charity.


Kyra Marks

Charity Trustee (Secretary)

Kyra has a background in family support. She is currently employed by the Local Authority to manage a number of children's family centres. As a result Kyra has witnessed first hand the impact of social deprivation, poverty, neglect and abuse upon development and how this continues to affect individuals in adulthood. Kyra believes we all have times of vulnerability and loneliness and would like to support the charity in addressing these issues within our local communities.


Corrine Millson-Crane

Charity Trustee (Treasurer)

Corrine holds a Degree in Maths from York University and currently works in the account sector in the film industry working with major Hollywood and British stars. Corrine is excellent with figures which is essential when running a successful charity. On a personal level Corrine also feels passionately about enabling all adults to reach their full potential. Corrine hopes her financial expertise will support Connecting Lives to be sustainable in the years to come.

Mike Bearcroft

Charity Trustee

Mike has led a varied and unusual life, from Junior footballer with Sheffield United to a career that has encompassed being Sales and Marketing Manager of Infant Milks in the UK, Germany and Canada, the Managing Director of (a not for profit) Health Insurance Company and significantly the Regional Director of The British Red Cross.

Mike has also been the Chairman of a professional Football Club and Radio Station and with the help of his wife developed a Murder Mystery Company, trained as a Director of Musical Theatre, launched Musical Theatre Schools nationwide, created the International touring stage show called “Back to Broadway” as well as writing the novel “Dangerous Score”. Mike has personal awareness of the impact of social isolation and loneliness upon personal friends and family at times of poor health and was keen to support the passion behind a small charity such as ours.

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