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Facebook page for an organisation called Man Down in Cornwall supporting men's mental health.

Identified by Rosie Denning, Connecting Lives Volunteer


When the BBC launched the Loneliness Experiment on Valentine's Day 2018 a staggering 55,000 people from around the world completed the survey, making it the largest study of loneliness yet. Claudia Hammond, who instigated the project, looks at the findings and spoke to three people about their experiences of loneliness.

Article identified by Dr Andrew Tillyard, Special Advisor to the Trustee Board


Groundbreaking new research has shown that taking part in even a small amount of creative activity can improve your wellbeing. And now researchers know what’s happening in the brain when you get creative. 

Article identified by Corrine Millson-Crane, TRUSTEE TREASURER



Youth detention: solitary confinement and restraint (Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR))


The state of education: young people’s mental health (National Education Union (NEU))  


Both relate to trauma in childhood which can increase the likelihood of chronic isolation and loneliness in adult life. Articles identified by KYRA MARKS, TRUSTEE SECRETARY.

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